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Agencies may choose to lease their LD-1 vehicles, as the monthly payment is more acceptable than the entire up front cost of the product.  TC Burton partners with a financing company that offers a lease-to-buy option, with a $1 buy-out at the end of the monthly term.  

Contact our sales team to find out more. 

Grant Writing

We understand that most law enforcement personnel assigned to work on grant projects for their departments have limited experience in grant writing, not to mention restrictions on time to devote to the task. To help, we have partnered with an expert grant writing service: Police Grant Writing, LLC.

Evan Sorg and his team are law enforcement grant experts that are previous law enforcement, experienced educators, and researchers in the field of policing that have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding.

Their services, which include full grant writing, grant review, or grant writing classes are reasonably priced, and offered at a discount rate for TC Burton customers.

Contact them directly:

Evan T. Sorg, Ph.D.

Principal, Police Grant Writing LLC

Police Grant Writing, LLC logo
Private Fundraising

Another creative financing option is fundraising. Some agencies may permit the donation of funds or equipment from organizations or private citizens. We are happy to work with these organizations to equip their department with the LD-1 as the essential solution they need! 

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