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LD-1 Accessories

Customize your LD-1 unit to best serve your needs

New Accessory Release!

LD-1 Door Extensions

The doors on the LD-1 can serve as shields for your team members, and they are already an astounding 36.5" x 42" in size.  That's quite an improvement over the 20" x 34" coverage from the average hand-held shield! 

With TC Burton's new Door Extensions, your LD-1 can be equipped with up to an additional 16.5" x 16" of ballistic coverage.  

  • Once the accessory is installed, you have a permanent addition of 9" length on the door.

  • A second, quick-deploy extension adds 7" of extra protection.

  • Door extensions are made with NIJ IIIA material - which stops handgun rounds up to .44 Magnum and can also protect against ricochet.

  • Fits all LD-1 models with no modifications.

Door Extension Accessory Spotlight
NB DE closed

Door Extension Installed, gaining a permanent addition of 9" ballistic protection.

NB DE extended

Second level deployed, with an additional 7" of protection. 

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