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Ballistic armor kit for a single rider ATV

About the LD-1

Ballistic Surround Shield

  • ​NIJ III capable material (up to 7.62x51 rounds)

  • UL-5  rated glass

  • 360 degree ballistic protection for operator

  • Up to 120" of cover for additional personnel with doors open

  • Replaceable ballistic panels are NIJ 0108.01 Complaint  

  • Kit not permanently affixed to the ATV

No limitations on the Polaris Sportsman 850 Premium ATV

  • Maintains essential speed and maneuverability

  • Deployable in tight indoor spaces

  • Capable in all outdoor terrain and weather

  • Designed to ROP standards

LD1 with X Tweels
LD1 Sheriff

Who & Why

  • Police & SWAT

  • Department of Corrections 

  • Border Patrol & Homeland Security

  • Department of Natural Resources

  • Private Safety & Security Groups

  • Military, War Fighter

  • Deploy officers and equipment into structures through double/overhead doors.

  • Clear buildings and corridors safely and efficiently.

  • High speed perimeter coverage

  • Protected transport of supplies, equipment, or injured individuals.

LD-1 Kit Construction

  • High tensile laser cut steel exoskeleton treated with industrial grade powdercoat paint (multiple colors available).

  • Lightweight ballistic panels and ballistic glass are individually replaceable.

  • The LD-1 kit system is easily installed or removed in 3 modules or as a complete assembly. The kit fits onto the Polaris 850 ATV as the “host vehicle”.

  • Shown here with optional accessories: Michelin X Tweels, MOLLE panel, T-bar with rear hand straps, and fire suppression.

The LD-1 side view with all accessories including tweels, t-bar, hand straps, molle rack, and compact fire extinguisher
LD-1 safe zones for operator

Safer Zones

The green areas show these “safer zones”, creating a cone around the vehicle that comes to a point at the operator’s heart. The cone is NIJ III protection material.

This design provides an extraordinary improvement in ballistic protection for both personnel and assets.

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